[Coral-List] Utila Reef Health

Pete Raines psr at coralcay.org
Mon Mar 31 17:01:37 EDT 2008

Dr Stephen Box of UCME (www.utilaecology.or) offers very valuable insights
(and hope) regarding Utila and the Bay Islands more widely.

Given the massive time and multi-US$ millions already invested in at least
the last 10 years to help survey, map, monitor, capacity build and come up
with numerous diverse management strategies for Utila and the Bay Islands,
I'll have to take with a pinch of salt at least part of Steve's comment
that: "Honduras as a whole and the Bay Islands and Utila in particular are
severely hindered by a lack of knowledge about their natural resources and
the technical and financial capacity to effectively control and manage this

For CCC reports on Utila and Roatan, see:

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