[Coral-List] Coral Reef Restoration?

Todd Barber reefball at reefball.com
Fri May 2 12:36:17 EDT 2008

Hi All,

As a note on this, Reef Ball Foundation takes the stand there is no such a 
thing as Coral Restoration however their is very definately coral 
rehabilitation and to be more specific protective void space mitigation.

And, there are new technologies that are getting us even closer to coral 
restoration.  In large project we are currently involved in the 
Caribbean...we have been able to use an advanced GIS system to photo 
document each and every coral in a mitigation project.  Using this analysis 
to guide rehabilitation efforts, we'll be able to move corals out of harms 
way and replant them (also using new advanced methods of stress free 
movement and anchoring) to preserve as nearly as possible the original 
ecosystem.  Working in real time (24 hour lag) in the GIS system, scientist 
from around the world can examine any coral we are working in a project 
documented with the system, make notes or comments on specific treatments 
recommeded and communicate them to field teams doing the work.  This type of 
worldwide collaberation on Coral Rehabiltation is the future to link all of 
us in this communty to each other on real projects so that we can all 
contribute our specialized talents to actually save corals.

We'll have a live model of this new system at ICRS if anyone wants to track 
me down for a look at how it works.  It is based on Google Earth and hosted 
web photos so just about all of us already have the software we need to 


Todd R. Barber
Chairman, Reef Ball Foundation

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Coral-List Members

Though this subject may have been discussed in the past herein this List, I 
think its important to clarify as to what "Coral Reef Restoration" actually 

We read a plethora of programs, proposals, projects, and perhaps 
'environmental pipe dreams' about 'undertaking coral reef restoration.'  But 
what are the successes, the real accomplishments out in the real world and 
not within someone's book, magazine article, or grant write up?

Can we actually restore a reef?   How many square miles can we restore?

Will coral farming seedling rejects add to a restoration area?  Do Reef 
Balls help at all in the big picture or only as highly localized cosmetic, 
band-aid ecosystem touch ups.

Where is the real and present data that substantiates any successful coral 
reef restoration endeavor?  I am not referring to MPA establishment.  I am 
referring to actual coral transplants, re-plants, etc.

Can we actually restore a coral reef?  Or will 'mother nature' take care of 
its own and restore if human affections are eliminated?

In short, I think we need to be very careful whenever we 'use' the concept 
of coral reef restoration in any of our write ups, project drafts,  and 
grant proposals.


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"Dedication and motivated direction in achieving specific goals related to 
the care and protection of living things is not necessarily a guaranteed 
formula for success.  Success is, more often than not, a direct result of a 
person's passion in addition to the above formula." [Don Baker, Marine 
Conservationist/Activist, 1998]

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