[Coral-List] photos on coral harvesting from the wild

Silvianita Timotius silvianita at cbn.net.id
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Dear Mr Arie and other coral listers,
there are a lot of progress on ornamental fishery management in Seribu 
I summarized for your information below:

Fishers in Seribu Islands (especially from Panggang Island), have been 
fishing ornamental fish or collecting corals for more than 40 years which 
almost 90% of them practiced cyanide or destructive fishing. To change 
fishers practices,  since year 2004 local government from municipal to 
province levels have been collaborating  with NGOs (MAC and TERANGI) in 
internalizing environmental friendly practices among the fishers.

Within 4 years of implementation, fishers and suppliers established groups 
and their members now using the environmental friendly techniques such as no 
more cyanide (using net and other not destructive devices) and record every 
fish they catch. The hard works have bringing them as certified 
environmental friendly fishers and suppliers (2006) and have improved fish 

 Collecting ornamental coral is prohibited in Seribu Islands since 2002 but 
some illegal practices kept continue.   To address coral collection issue, 
since 2005 fishers have been propagating ornamental corals and allocating a 
certain portion corals back to nature.

 No one, except the fishers and suppliers themselves, can guarantee the 
better practices will sustainable in Seribu Islands. At least the actors and 
local government have commitment to keep what they have done so far.

For more information do not hesitate to contact us.

Best regards,


Yayasan TERANGI (Terumbu Karang Indonesia)
The Indonesian Coral Reef Foundation
Komplek Ligamas Indah BlokE2 No.11
Pancoran - Jakarta 12760, Indonesia
Tel: +62-21-7994912;  Fax: +62-21-7973301
silvianita at cbn.net.id

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> Hi.. Sir..
> Good image from seribu Island, but for this issue are u have any 
> solutions....
> We keep our nation from coral reef degradation human impact but how about 
> coral reef based community teory....could we implementation for the 
> issue......
> regards,
> Arie muhardy, BSc.Aq.Vet.
> Advisor Marine Veterinary
> Porifera Foundation.
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