[Coral-List] Copenhagen flop: article raises serious question

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Speaking from the perspective of a scientist in a developing country 
(Barbados), the "use" of the tens of thousands of scientists showing up 
especially developed countries would be to consider/find solutions to the 
problems created by primarily developed countries.
If all the SIDS cut their emissions, I doubt it would make a dent.  I speak 
subject to correction...not being a climate change expert.

We all have to play our part..developing and developed nations, but there 
is no getting away from the fact that developed nations have to take a 
larger share of the blame for the Climate Change problems
and also have a lot to more money at their disposal to find solutions.

That said..my Government will be "showing up" in Copenhagen.

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See the article:


Is there a grain of truth to the threat of a flop?

We know for a fact that e.g. in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, which 
consists of the Netherlands, Aruba, and the former Netherlands Antilles 
(Bonaire, Curacao, Dutch St.Martin, Saba and St. Eustatia, aka Statia) ONLY 
the Netherlands are in compliance with climate change treaties.

Dutch Caribbean islands like many Caribbean nations are not and make no
excuse for this, except lack of expertise and government resources.

is the use of tens of thousands of scientists and researchers and NGOs
being on board, if governments in developing nations do not commit
themselves to the cause and even consider NOT showing up in Copenhagen?

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