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Eugene Shinn eshinn at marine.usf.edu
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     I read all the responses about the Copenhagen flop on the list 
with great interest and feel they skirt the underlying issue. I serve 
on a large global climate change committee and am exposed to the 
research and opinions from both sides of the issue several times each 
day.  Most of the skeptics are geologists that look to the geologic 
record for guidance. The warmers look to mathematical models that 
project far into the future. Those on the pro warming side of the 
issue often work for companies, government agencies, or Universities 
involved (think paychecks) in CO2 sequestration projects or involved 
in the cap and trade business. The other side, mainly geologists, are 
well aware of former climate changes  before humans arrived on the 
scene. The public does not know who to believe.
     I suspect the real reason attendance will remain low in 
Copenhagen (unless the climate starts warming again) Is they are 
skeptical, or unsure, of what the climate will do in the future. 
Temperature has been dropping (abundant low temperature records were 
set in July) and many researchers have shown temperature has overall 
been  flat since 2000.  At the same time temperatures have been 
dropping (over the past two years)  CO2 has continued to rise!  It is 
hard not to  notice that temperatures have fallen. Just read the news 
papers. I suspect this observation  has not gone unnoticed by a 
growing body of scientists,  politicians, and investors.  Investors 
are no dummies.  Clearly climate change is a huge growth industry. 
Does anyone not believe that many of the attendees will be there 
looking for a way to make money? I doubt they will be there because 
they fear the earth will burn up! Have coral-listers really looked 
into the money already being made on cap and trade and the sale of 
pollution credits? The next few years will be the proof of the 
pudding and Sunspot cycle 24 is still overdue. Gene PS: There is a 
Foundation  cranking up for the "preservation of CO2." It's all about 
increasing agriculture production. They will be looking for your tax 
exempt contributions.  Ain't this a great country or what!

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