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Today we celebrated in Colombia the second National Day of the Reef. The first was declared during the second International Year of the Reef, IYOR 2008. Our Foundation ICRI (International Coral Reef Initiative) Colombia in pro of Coral Reefs completes another year of activities that foment the participation of the civil society to be part of the solution of the environmental problems. This year We also provided environmental education to children with the novelty to invite to its families in the Public Libraries specifically the grandparents to share their valuable experience in dealing with the environment in friendly ways as they can be multipliers of environmental conscience as they are respected by the kids for their wisdom.  
Our Foundation ICRI Colombia in pro of Coral Reefs participated also in a national workshop at the academic scenario in which our coral reef experts shared with the representatives of the universities, private sector, other NGOs, and governmental organizations with journalists and social communicators to design a National Plan to improve the coral reef management effectiveness.  
Contacts were made with the departments of communications of the different environmental agencies to recommend that their messages to the public, need to be based on updated scientific data as well as on concise and clear information to the general public so they will learn what to do to help in diminishing the deterioration of the coral reefs.
Our Foundation ICRI Colombia in pro of Coral Reefs contacted the 160 Colombian scuba diving operators so that they can also participate during this week performing activities to continue their engagement with the volunteer environmental education illustrating on the ecological social and economic values of coral reefs.

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Nohora Galvis 
Directora Ejecutiva, 
Fundación ICRI (International Coral Reef Initiative) Colombia en Pro de los Arrecifes Coralinos
Calle 97 ANo. 60D-88 Bogotá (Correo certificado se recibe en las tardes previa confirmacion por email antres de enviar)
Email: nohora_galvis at gmail.com
http://icri-colombia.blogspot.com/ (para ver nuestras actividades)
Punto Focal ICRI para Colombia por la Sociedad Civil
Iniciativa Internacional para los Arrecifes Coralinos


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