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The bottom line is that it is easier to bail out crooked investment bankers and not jail financial markets oversight officials for looking the other way than to admit that global climate change will only compound our current financial problems if left untouched.

In the end it is all about money! When the oil prices were going through the roof, it made sense to invest in bio-fuels, which led to land grabbing in Brasil, Indonesia, Malaysia, Colombia and countless other countries.

The FAO has said emphatically that both climate change and the reduction in available food stocks like corn et alii because of their reallocation to bio-fuel production will lead to more hunger worldwide.

Fisheries stocks and staple food stocks are dwindling and all big companies in the oil and agriculture industries want us to believe that we will not need hybrid or renewable energy technology driven cars.

And we must buy GMO foods.

Why don't we ask the Alliance of Small Island States, and the small island developing states in general to weigh in on the issue?

Part of the problem is that the bad guys alwasy hire the better PR guys to tell their story and the environmentalists and scientists tend to take the general public's intelligence level for granted.

Add to this mix a bevvy of media that focuses on all the wrong issues, and you have a disaster in the making.

It is NOT enough that Barack Obama has said he will tackle the issue as a given problem.

As soon as he is sworn in the special interest groups will swarm down in DC to ask him to spend less money on tackling climate change and more money on creating non-green jobs.

It is time for a global climate change alliance that gets the field data into mainstream media and show the numbers!

One odd ally in all of this is the global (re)insurance industry which has long documented the link between natural disasters and climate change.

Now only if there were a way to assess the damage of climate change to coral and marine ecosystems in terms of loss of revenue of natural ecosystem services.

The only thing we can do is get the message out there.

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Just a quick response to John Bruno's post on the SPPI report on climate
change and coral reefs 
from a non-scientist. The general public needs your efforts in the respect that
John suggests. 

These reports that claim to disprove the impact of climate change are very
effectively used to convince 
the general public that this is an issue that has been blown out of all
reasonable proportion.
You in the scientific community may view it as an annoying concern unworthy of
but it must be consistently countered in the public domain if reason is to

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