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Dear all

The general public domain is not on our side. When Al Gore was making waves with the Inconvenient Truth movie documentary, a lot of global opportunistic non-profits were created to cash in on the issue.

These non-profits and Al Gore got more coverage than the IPCC panel and its documents itself and for that matter all of the "established" environmental NGOs in the USA and Europe.

The mainstream media are now rallying behind Barack Obama, and many environmentalists and non-profits are hoping he will bring the change necessary.

But the reality on Capitol Hill is that special interests and lobbyists always win out.

Climate change was and is a prominent issue  for the Obama camp, but the grim financial realities of the world's largest economies dictate that other issues will have a higher political priority in the end.

This report is just another attempt by the descending swarm of vested interest special groups on DC to sway the public opinion and delay attending the climate change issue in favor of big oil, the bio-fuel industry, the agro-industrial complex that is promoting the growing of GMO produce, and possible the big three in Detroit itself.

We have a choice, this year and next year we must drive the message home on Earth Day that climate change is the single largest problem for mankind, the FAO stance on this issue should serve an example detailing the impact on food security.

If only we could find someone without a political agenda to galvanize the scientific and environmental community to get 5 million people going in the USA and Europe to drive the message home.

The internet is powerful and its potential has not been tapped enough by said communities.

In the end it is all about numbers, good data versus bad data and the numbers defending each.

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Just a quick response to John Bruno's post on the SPPI report on climate
change and coral reefs 
from a non-scientist. The general public needs your efforts in the respect that
John suggests. 

These reports that claim to disprove the impact of climate change are very
effectively used to convince 
the general public that this is an issue that has been blown out of all
reasonable proportion.
You in the scientific community may view it as an annoying concern unworthy of
but it must be consistently countered in the public domain if reason is to

Steve Mussman
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