[Coral-List] Recognizing IYOR 2008

Anthony J. Hooten ajh at environmentservices.com
Wed Jan 21 14:17:30 EST 2009

Dear Coral Listers,

As we move into 2009 with a renewed sense of hope and purpose for the 
health of our oceans, I am writing to briefly look back at the past 
year---one in which most---if not all--of us on the Coral List recognize 
as having been the International Year of the Reef (www.iyor.org).   It 
is certainly fair to say that we can all continue to count our blessings 
and appreciation for the great job that Jim Hendee and company continue 
to do by supporting us with the Coral List's service.  It is amazing to 
see such a simple technology (by today's measure) that remains so widely 
used and valuable after such a long time. In addition to this, however, 
I believe it is appropriate for us to take a moment to also recognize 
the tremendous effort and dedication that one person has invested in the 
International Year of the Reef over the course of 2008 and even into the 
future.   With support from US NOAA and the US State Department, Francis 
Staub has energetically served as the IYOR International Coordinator. It 
is an understatement that Francis performed a tireless job in 
coordinating information and activities for the International Year of 
the Reef.  While such a large undertaking is clearly the result of many 
dedicated hands (including many national IYOR coordinators, dedicated 
activists and the 11^th ICRS, but too many to attempt to list by name 
here), it was no small measure---through Francis's energy, goodwill and 
persistence in keeping many informed about IYOR activities and events, 
helping people to connect with one another and sharing information 
across a broad spectrum---that IYOR 2008 can be considered a successful 
campaign.  It is clear that a single year's designation does not make up 
for the ongoing challenges before our coral reef community of practice 
to continue to provide credible information, raise awareness, pound 
drums, and positively influence attitudes and behaviors about the value 
and importance of coral reefs to our future.  But it is fair to say that 
we as a community are further along thanks to the tremendous 
coordinating effort that Francis performed on our behalf.  I hope that 
all Coral Listers will join in thanking him for his dedication and 
service in helping to raise a higher profile for coral reefs through the 


Andy Hooten


Andy Hooten Synthesis Panel Executive Secretary and U.S. Coordinator 
Global Coral Reef Targeted Research Program c/o AJH, Environmental 
Services 4900 Auburn Avenue, Suite 201 Bethesda, Maryland 20814 USA 
+1-240-395-0250 +1-240-395-0252 (Fax) www.gefcoral.org

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