[Coral-List] Overfishing contributing to ocean acidification

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I don't think fish gut rocks present a dilemma.  Fish have probably been
doing this for
many millions of years, and the other processes have as well.  So they are
not a cause for any change in pH now.  (production of ooids and whitings in
shallow water might decrease due to acidification in the future, since it
would reduce the calcium saturation state.)  The
fact that fishing has removed some fish could reduce the acid produced by
fish, but overfishing would not be a good way to try to stop acidification
the oceans due to rising CO2 in the atmosphere, I hope nobody will seriously
advocate that.  May be that only some fish produce gut rocks, as Alina
Szmant pointed out.  Depletion of many fish stocks is already occuring, and
hasn't stopped acidification of the ocean.  Much better to go directly to
the cause of the problem, the production of billions of tons of CO2 gas by
humans.   -Doug

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> Doug and John, Yes, I remember the paper you mentioned and  checked
> with a well respected  CO2 and the carbon cycle chemist. In addition,
> I talked with other marine scientists and they agree. Precipitation
> of calcium carbonate to form coral skeletons should release CO2 into
> the ocean (enhances acidification of the water) as does precipitation
> of ooid sand and precipitation of calcium carbonate to form milky
> patches of water  known as whitings. In conclusion it appers that all
> of these natural processes contribute to ocean acidification?
> Presents a dilemma does it not? Gene
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