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Fri May 8 09:12:52 EDT 2009

Apologies for cross-posting, apparently the message I sent yesterday did not
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For a review of the diversity of shallow scleractinian corals of the
Caribbean for the Census of Marine Life (CoML), we are compiling all the
existing information on species presence/absence (zooxanthellated and
non-zooxanthellated) found in shallow waters (0-40 m) in the wider
Caribbean. Even though we have information from many localities already, we
have not been able to find references or official/unofficial lists for the
following  localities to complement the information we now have:



British Virgin Islands, 

French Guiana, 

B. Guyana, 




St. Bartholome, 

St. Eustatius,

St. Maarten, 




Barbuda, M


St. Eustatius, 

St. Lucia, 

Turks and Caicos.



We would appreciate any help, personal or official lists, references, grey
literature, etc. that can be provided     coral-list at coral.aoml.noaa.gov  


Thanks in advance,


E.Weil and Jorge Cortes



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