[Coral-List] Mandarin Fish submission

Chelsea Anne Harms charms at fit.edu
Mon May 18 19:19:38 EDT 2009

I am conducting research on Synchiropus splendidus (mandarin fish). They
are an Indo-Pacific reef fish that possibly contains a toxin in their skin
coating. I need to gather some information regarding their aquaria habits..
Please answer the following questions if you have mandarin fish in your
aquarium and they are alive/died.

1. What size tank do you have your mandarins in?
2. What other fish are coexisting with your mandarins?
3. If your mandarins died, do you know exactly why? (i.e.- saw it eaten by
another fish..)
4. What species is your mandarin - spotted or green?
5. What do you feed your mandarins? (I.e. - copepods, myassis shrimp..)
6. How long have you had your mandarins (if still alive)?
7. What type of habitat do your mandarins occupy? (i.e. - live rock, fake
rock, corals..)

Thank you and please reply with your answers to charms at fit.edu and not
through this listing server. Also fill free to forward this questionaire
onto friends with mandarins if it doesn't apply to you directly.

Thanks for your help with my research!

Chelsea Harms
Undergraduate, Marine Biology
Florida Institute of Technology
Melbourne, FL 32901

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