[Coral-List] more info needed for spawning observations

Nicole Fogarty fogarty at bio.fsu.edu
Mon Sep 7 17:35:03 EDT 2009

For all of you that might be posting coral spawning observations over 
the next few days, please include as much of the following 
information as possible:
1) Region (Island)
2) Site (Reef)
3) Spawning date
4) Tide
5) Species
6) Sunset time
7) Time gamete bundle setting was observed
8) Time spawning was observed (detailed information such as the range 
of spawning times and when the majority of corals spawned is appreciated)
9) Approximate percentage of population that spawned and approximate 
percentage of individual colonies that spawned (e.g. ~95% of the A. 
palmata population at X Reef spawned, but only about 50% of polyps on 
each individual colonies spawned)

Thanks and hopefully you had a productive September spawn!

Nicole D. Fogarty
Florida State University
Department of Biological Science
4079 King Life Science Building
Tallahassee, FL  32306-4295
850-645-8577 office
850-644-2678 lab

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