[Coral-List] Help with identifying interesting corals

Matt Fynes mattfynes at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Sep 11 10:29:13 EDT 2009

Dear All
I have just returned from east Sulawesi, Indonesia where I have been conducting benthic surveys for Operation Wallacea and the local government. I have good experience with coral species identification and whilst the usual selection of tricky corals came up and the normal taxanomic classification issues raised, I also came across two odd corals. If anyone would be interested in helping me ID them I have scaled photos of the skeleton and in situ and all feedback would be appreciated. Three masters students are working on the mangrove coral so knowing its identity would be very useful. Details are below.
One was mainly located in mangrove systems and appears to vary in appearance throughout the day due to quite considerable changes in tissue appearance (seemingly opposite to the expected night/day cycles). It is likely a Favid, probably Favites and the septal teeth dont appear dense or fine enough for Goniastrea but i could be completely wrong!
The other I don't really know where to start. I found it in a variety of habitats and initially thought it may be a zooanthid due to its irregular appearance and looking as if corallites were at different stages of opening. However samples confirmed it to be a Scleractinian and its skeleton is incredibly regular.
Please contact me at mattfynes at yahoo.co.uk and I will forward on the photos to you.
Thankyou for your time


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