[Coral-List] Of Artificial Reefs, Corporate Bodies & Reef Rehabilitation

Bart Huzaimi badrulhuzaimi at gmail.com
Tue Sep 15 15:21:49 EDT 2009

Good day,

Recently, I read an article in a local newspaper re: corporate bodies
planting aritificial reefs as part of its corporate social responsibility
programs. This article can be found at:
Now, I'd like to know whether is it a good practice to encourage corporate
bodies (as in the article) to continue its artificial reefs programs. What
will be the pros and cons in doing so? Will it be a feasible idea to
introduce coral transplantation for the artificial reefs? Will it cause more
harm than good to the reef ecosystem? What would be a better idea to suggest
to such corporate bodies with regards to conservation activities which may
sound sexier than artificial reef planting?

Any ideas and comments would be much appreciated.

Thank you.


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