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I think the interdisciplinarity / multi-disciplinarity needs to include  SOCIAL ASPECTS, ECONOMICS, GOVERNANCE,
POLICY, AND CO-MANAGEMENT of coral reefs resources,  in the local, national and global levels

One reason why coral reefs have been degraded/ damaged throughout the world is the lack of joint efforts of researchers
and scientists in understanding coral reefs from multi or trans-disciplinary approach, which will make future conservation efforts
more sustainable and effective

Rodel F. Subade
Environmental Economics & Policy
Coral Reef Economics
University of the Philippines Visayas

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Subject: [Coral-List] Conservation of coral species diversity and 12
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Dear Coral-Listers,
The recent discussion on 82 coral species?indicated that more can?to be done for the conservation of coral species diversity.? What about a Mini-Symposium?during the 12th ICRS dedicated to this?important interdisciplinary issue???Coral life history, ecology, integrative taxonomy, spacial and temporal evolution, diseases, biogeography, protected areas, international cooperation and?education should contribute to the conservation of species diversity.? The corals and their problems do not respect the state boundaries.?? There are international documents as well states lows and regulations, but the specialists?should say?more.??I think this is a next?good step for everyone and the moment is appropriate to exchange ideas about such Mini-Symposium.
Vassil Zlatarski
D.Sc. (Biology), Ph.D. (Geology)

131 Fales Rd., Bristol, RI 02809, USA; tel.: 


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