[Coral-List] NY Times: Oil in Gulf Poses Only Slight Risk, New US Report Says

Ted Morris easy501 at zianet.com
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Do you have anything on which to base your implication that we cannot trust
Dr. Lubchenco?  Or is it simply because she is the director of NOAA, and you
disagree with anything the government says?

This is a forum for coral reef science, not a sounding board from political
rants.  Unfortunately, Orwellian conspiracy is insufficient to end this
thread.  Therefore, I invoke Godwin's Law:  "Greenpeace is like a pack of
Brown Shirts when they've got an axe to grind."

There.  It's over.  Take it somewhere else, Milton.

Ted Morris,
Interested Amateur.

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Today in the NY Times:

The 64 million dollar question is can we trust this expert report?

Who contributed the evidence to support the findings in this report?

Same goes for the expected "earlier lifting" of ban on offshore oil

This is 2010, but it makes me think of "1984", where "doublespeak" and
"doublethink' ruled supreme.

Are there any reports from scientists or coral reef or marine research
organizations, institutes or networks which corroborate or refute these

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