[Coral-List] We found where the sky fell!

James Cervino PhD. jcervino at whoi.edu
Thu Dec 2 06:52:59 EST 2010

Dear Listers and Dr. Quenton Dokken of the CEO Gulf Of Mexico Foundation and Oil
Exploration - I think we are finding where the "sky has fell" as per the NY
Times Article! And yes, this black gold is killing crabs, coral fans, and other
biologically valuable inverts.

Interested parties see: "We found where the Sky Deep-Water Dive Reveals Spilled
Oil On Gulf Floor"



Dr. James M. Cervino
Visiting Scientist
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute
Contact Information:
NYC Address: 9-22 119st
College Point New York, 11356
Cell: 917-620*5287

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