[Coral-List] Sarcasm, disagreements, etc. (Jim Hendee)

Steve Mussman sealab at earthlink.net
Mon Dec 6 13:42:09 EST 2010

  I hope the resentment you experienced by my reference to censorship
was tiny indeed. You have done commendable work at what I am sure can
seem to be a thankless task. The referenced quote was clumsily attached,
but not meant to target you, but those who have expressed a preference for
the more controversial exchanges to locate elsewhere. 
  I fear that if discussions on the more contentious topics move away 
from Coral-List, the result will be exchanges among like-minded thinkers only.
Although this may create less animus, it is almost certainly less likely
to prove stimulating and beneficial to anyone. We all need to stay engaged 
and open to dialogue regardless of the temporary discomfort we may feel by
having our personal views challenged. I can’t possibly hope to learn anything
if my perspective is only continuously reinforced. 
  With this in mind, it goes without saying that all list subscribers should 
practice civility. Understanding that as moderator, this sometimes requires a
subjective call, it appears that you have handled this burdensome responsibility
well. Please keep up the good work, stay the course and find some virtue in the 
fact that even in these economic times, no one aspires to replace you! 


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