[Coral-List] Where overfishing and climate change meet

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If half of the people on Earth vaporized and stop producing inputs and extracting "resources", a lot would be done to protect coral reefs.  Unfortunately, it's the opposite direction that our numbers are going...

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Here is an interesting blog article "Where overfishing and climate change meet" posted by 

Bryan Wallace
Global Marine Division, Conservation International &
Division of Marine Science and Conservation, Duke University

It is often said that to be responsible stewards of the oceans (or other natural systems), we need to be conscious of both what we take out and what we put in. Among the myriad threats to the world's oceans, overfishing is likely the most influential extractive activity, while influx of carbon-dioxide is disrupting basic ocean chemistry. Are these two impacts related in any way? Have impacts of one exacerbated impacts of the other? What if we could kill these two birds with one stone?

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