[Coral-List] Record setting cold in south Florida

Christopher Hawkins chwkins at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 10 14:22:50 EST 2010

Gene and others occasionally poke with posts about weather.  The reason for this is obvious (does anyone think that Gene, a geologist, doesn't understand the difference between climate and weather?  In fact, he spends most of his time on the Coral List reminding us to think about the long-term).    
And yet, folks rise to the bait each time, as if it is the first time this sort of message has come across the CL wire.  It is a waste of time to get riled up about it and to post long-winded responses about climate and weather and seasonal variation and cold fronts (etc.).  
I tend to appreciate some of Gene's perspective, even if I am skeptical of some of his conclusions.  I have been impressed at times with how he has communicated about this or that issue and I remember telling him as much a couple of years ago.  
The larger issue for me is that lately I open my Inbox and read some of the most condecsending posts (e.g., "Actually, those of us who understand how the CLIMATE works...").
Unfortunately, the growing amount of such posts makes me question the utility of CL to me and my work.  I have been on the List more than a decade, and I don't recall ever feeling this way...
For what it's worth...


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