[Coral-List] Climate and the Sun? CORALS??

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Yes I dealt with real time sunspot cycle several years ago...We were doing stormwater planningand design in Aleppo and Latakia Syria...our records analysis showed a lower number than those of a previous analysis for rainfall>runoff>storm drainage requirements THEN we compared/combined and the their higher runoff was related to an early part of the subnspot cycle and our lower values related to the later part of the cycle ---- so what does this have to do with CORALS....
A friend of mine a long time ago did a lot of sectioning of paleozoic corals and was looking for cyclics...and thought he had some...
Has anyone done sectioning of corals that may represent the last 1000years (I also like tree rings...good stuff) and seen any trends or cycles???

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Listers may find this NASA announcement about a global eruption on 
the Sun of interest and some may even suspect a connection with 
climate change and corals. 
Many scientists have proposed that events on the sun, ie., sunspot 
abundance are related to climate change especially the lack 
documented lack of sunspots for around 100 years that is associated 
with the little ice age. Yes I know the IPCC does not consider the 
sun significant and I have read all their reasons and am awasre that 
they remain fully committed to CO2. It will be interesting to see how 
this all plays out now that we have satellites that specifically 
monitor the sun. Gene  

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