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Links to over 900 pdfs publications by members of the ARC Centre of 
Excellence for Coral Reef Studies are available from 

Examples of articles published in the first half of 2010 and added to 
the Centre's publications listing include:

Ainsworth, TD, Thurber, RV and Gates, RD (2010). The future of coral 
reefs: a microbial perspective. /Trends in Ecology & Evolution/ 25(4): 

Babcock, RC, Shears, NT, Alcala, AC, Barrett, NS, Edgar, GJ, Lafferty, 
KD, McClanahan, TR and Russ, GR (2010). Decadal trends in marine 
reserves reveal differential rates of change in direct and indirect 
effects. /Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences/: -.
Budd, AF and Pandolfi, JM (2010). Evolutionary novelty is concentrated 
at the edge of coral species distributions. /Science/ 328(5985): 1558-1561.
Fabinyi, M (2010). The intensification of fishing and the rise of 
tourism: competing coastal livelihoods in the Calamianes Islands, 
Philippines. /Human Ecology/ 38(3): 415-427.
McCook, LJ, Ayling, T, Cappo, M, Choat, JH, Evans, RD, De Freitas, DM, 
Heupel, M, Hughes, TP, Jones, GP, Mapstone, B, Marsh, H, Mills, M, 
Molloy, FJ, Pitcher, CR, Pressey, RL, Russ, GR, Sutton, S, Sweatman, H, 
Tobin, R, Wachenfeld, DR and Williamson, DH (2010). Adaptive management 
of the Great Barrier Reef: a globally significant demonstration of the 
benefits of networks of marine reserves. /Proceedings of the National 
Academy of Sciences/.
Mumby, PJ and Harborne, AR (2010). Marine reserves enhance the recovery 
of corals on Caribbean Reefs. /PLoS ONE/ 5(1): e8657.
Munday, PL, Dixson, DL, McCormick, MI, Meekan, M, Ferrari, MCO and 
Chivers, DP (2010). Replenishment of fish populations is threatened by 
ocean acidification. /Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences/
Pollnac, R, Christie, P, Cinner, JE, Dalton, T, Daw, TM, Forrester, GE, 
Graham, NAJ and McClanahan, TR (2010). Marine reserves as linked 
social-ecological systems. /Proceedings of the National Academy of 
Wilson, SK, Fisher, R, Pratchett, MS, Graham, NAJ, Dulvy, NK, Turner, 
RA, Cakacaka, A and Polunin, NVC (2010). Habitat degradation and fishing 
effects on the size structure of coral reef fish communities. 
/Ecological Applications/ 20(2): 442-451.
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