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Gene ... Thank you for your words and thoughtful reflections describing Brian Keller and his reactions to "off-beat ideas" and    you are so accurate!  When individuals posted what I thought were off-the-wall comments or position statements ... I would call Brian for his reaction and he always, no matter the topic or the source, would advise me to take some deep breaths and hit "send" tomorrow.  Most often I followed his advice .... But every once in a while my human frailties would take over and I would hit "send" before his advice sunk in to my thinking.

He always seemed neutral and it makes me realize how objective he could be in the mist of divided positions.  I will miss his counsel ... And in fact, I am already missing his calm and intellectual engagement.

Gene ... We need to use Brian's passing as a wake-up call and realize we don't have time to debate or argue the obvious concepts.  In Brain's memory, let's move forward!!  Billy

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I will  miss Brian Keller. Over the years we met and discussed many
issues in the Florida Keys but when Brian transferred here to St.
Petersburg he became a vital and reachable resource for discussion on
many biological issues.  I often walked down to his office to bounce
my latest off-beat idea off Brian. He had a knack of seldom changing
his facial expression no matter how over-the-top my  idea, or rant,
might be. He would then proceed to explain the facts  without ever
saying I was just plain crazy. I always walked away feeling happy and
enlightened.  We will certainly miss Brian here at the College of
Marine Science. The Sanctuary lost a good spokesman and a great
scientist.  Gene

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