[Coral-List] Oil spill and Loop Current

Frank Muller-Karger carib at marine.usf.edu
Fri May 7 22:03:34 EDT 2010

Dear colleagues:
this interview appeared in the St Pete Times May 5, 2010.


In the last couple of days, as the ROFFS report indicates, the Loop 
Current has moved a bit farther noth and the oil has spread a bit 
farther from its source. It is hard to say what the effect would be on 
the keys if material is caught in the Loop Current - I would suspect 
less of the concentrated crude and more of the materials that are left 
behind after a 4-7 day trip of evaporating, stirring, mixing, and 
becoming more of an emulsion, or literally dissolved colored or 
non-colored organics of various sorts, etc. Probably in many instances 
hard to detect visually.


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