[Coral-List] Dragnet (was: "on topic")

MC Diver! MC at MC-Diver.com
Thu May 20 14:58:29 EDT 2010

Hi Friends:

As a relatively new - and intentionally quiet - member of the list, I'd 
just like to cast my vote in for purely scientific papers over Chicken 
Little polemics quoting commercial news sources that depend on 
sensationalism to sell copy.

There are plenty of "debates" out there - surely there is a "expert" or 
two for every village daily.

There are at least a dozen "Save-the-Reef" discussion groups on the 
internet, none of whom seem to attract "experts" boasting more than a 
high school diploma.

What is painfully scarce outside this discussion list, is good, clean 
research with reproducible results.

As a science-junkie noob, I don't expect to have much to contribute to 
this list, but I do so appreciate it when folks present "just the facts" 
and let me form my own opinion.

Glenn "MC" Call
Rochester, NY

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