[Coral-List] Bermuda Chub Kyphosus sectatrix-white dots?

Arlo Hemphill arlo at stanford.edu
Wed May 26 13:09:31 EDT 2010

Hello Steve,

These fish are well known to associate with pelagic Sargassum as  
juveniles and likely associate with rigs as pelagic "structure" in  
absence of the algae. My guess would be the white spots serve as  
cryptic coloration amongst the weed. One of their resident predators - 
the sargassumfish, Histrio histrio- also has such white spots.


Arlo Hemphill

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On May 25, 2010, at 5:52 PM, Steve Kolian <stevekolian at hotmail.com>  

> Hello, on two different ocassions, I observed a Bermuda Chub  
> Kyphosus sectatrix with distinct white dots, about the size of a  
> penny, peppered across the body. I often see large schools of the  
> fish at offshore platforms and wondered if there is any significance  
> to the presence of the white dots?
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