[Coral-List] La Nina and global warming

Eugene Shinn eshinn at marine.usf.edu
Tue Nov 16 14:36:48 EST 2010

Dear Listers, Good to see the neurons are firing on all cylinders. 
The Geological Society of London statement 
is well done. It pretty much says what I have been trying to say. I 
was a little concerned that they did not put more emphasis on water 
vapor as the greatest green house gas or methane and others. But then 
the IPCC said little as well. Why are we all so stuck on Co2? Plants 
love it!
     Also, there was no mention that ice cores show warming occurred 
before Co2 peaked by at least 400 years. Shouldn't it be the other 
way around?  I would like to suggest a new book by Robert Carter a 
well-respected Australian geologist/paleontologist. The title is, 
"Climate: The Counter Consensus.:
The book is technical but easy reading and is not strident like so 
many anti AGW/IPCC publications. He even discusses corals and ocean 
acidification oops! I meant alkalinity shift, which he clearly 
explains. There is a lot about sea level rise and fall and how it 
depends on where you are. His major point is the IPCC is all about 
"projections" (their words) not predictions as the mass media and 
warming enthusiasts call it. Gene


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