[Coral-List] RE geologists, La Nina and global warming

Steve Mussman sealab at earthlink.net
Tue Nov 16 23:57:02 EST 2010

Thanks to Curt Storlazzi for setting me straight as to the role of
the geological sciences as they relate to anthropogenic climate change. 
I should have known better for that is not the first time that I have
been exposed to the position statements of the AGU and the GSA. 
I got caught assuming that it was typical for geologists to simply
associate modern day climate change with the same forcings that caused
similar warming events in the paleoclimatic record. 
(I could claim that I was distracted, but I should have known better.)

I was particularly struck by the emphasis that both the AGU and the GSA 
statements put on encouraging their members to engage with the public and 
communicate with those who can implement policy changes to help mitigate 
the effects of today's climate change,a strategy that seems to be in need 
of emphasis and reiteration throughout the scientific community.

As to Gene's reference to the Geological Society of London's statement,
I don't interpret it as supportive of his previously stated positions on climate change.
There seems to be a clear emphasis on human induced carbon emissions for causation
and an equally evident conclusion that CO2 levels need to be curtailed. 
Pretty well clearing up the question of " why we are all so stuck on CO2?". 
Thanks again to Curt and come on Gene, just sign on to the American Geophysical Union
and the Geological Society of America position statements and relax.   


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