[Coral-List] Coral Spawning report from Flower Garden Banks NMS, Northwestern Gulf of Mexico

Emma Hickerson emma.hickerson at noaa.gov
Thu Sep 2 18:47:29 EDT 2010

A prolific coral spawning event is reported by seven researchers from 
NOAA, ONMS, Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary and University 
of Texas.  The team was on site at the East Flower Garden Bank, Buoy #4, 
in the Northwestern Gulf of Mexico, during the predicted coral spawning 
event and made the following observations:

August 24, 2010 1705 GMT full moon

Times below are CDT

August 30, 2010 Seven nights after the full moon
/Montastraea cavernosa/ male 2109 (1 colony)
/M. cavernosa/ females 2120, 2142 (1 colony each time)
/M. franksi/ 2117-2200+  (46 colonies throughout time period)
/Diploria strigosa /2125 (1 colony)

August 31, 2010 Eight nights after the full moon
/M. cavernosa /male 1927, 1931, 2115 (1 colony each time), 1934 (3 colonies)
/Colpophyllia natans /1933 (6 colonies), 2127 (1 colony)
/M. franksi /2114-2220 (~64 colonies throughout the time period)
/M. faveolata /2130, 2150 (1colony)
/D. strigosa /2114-2220 (15 colonies throughout the time period)
/Stephanocoenia intersepta /females/ /2134 (2 colonies)

Water temperature was 30.3C, salinity was 35.8ppt throughout the water 
column. Coral spawning observations were made at approximately 75' 
depth.  A fairly thick slick of gametes was observed on the surface, 
although conditions were choppy, 3-5' seas.

No brittle stars or sponges were observed spawning during the cruise.

Emma Hickerson (FGBNMS)
G.P. Schmahl (FGBNMS)
Marissa Nuttall (FGBNMS)
Dan Basta (ONMS)
Tom Moore (NOAA)
Sarah Davies (UT)
Eli Meyer (UT)


Emma L. Hickerson
Research Coordinator
emma.hickerson at noaa.gov

Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary
4700 Avenue U, Bldg. 216
Galveston, TX  77551

Phone:  409-621-5151
cell:  979-777-3895
fax: 409-621-1316



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