[Coral-List] Steve Mussman's response to Palau`s UN ambassador error on parrotfish

Steve Box steve at utilaecology.org
Fri Sep 24 12:38:11 EDT 2010

Steve M,

I do not believe the two things are particularly connected and was not
referring to a specific thread, just a general meandering of themes in
recent months. I was simply pointing out that whilst long philosophical
debates are occurring on the list, simple facts about coral reefs are being
incorrectly stated at international fora.


The parrotfish error does indeed highlight the urgent need for better
communication of important coral reef facts, preferably disseminated as
digestible messages; "Parrotfish are essential to reef health and
resilience" would be one such easily understandable concept, that obviously
still has some way to go to reach all of its necessary audience.


Warm regards,

Steve B. 



Stephen Box PhD

Executive Director


Utila Centre for Marine Ecology,

Bay Islands, Honduras


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