[Coral-List] OSPAR - QSR 2010

Artur Gil arturfreiregil at yahoo.com.br
Fri Sep 24 15:21:04 EDT 2010


Human activities at sea and on land as well as the emerging threats of climate 
change put considerable pressures on marine ecosystems. The QSR 2010 is a 
milestone for evaluating the quality status of the North-East Atlantic and for 
taking forward OSPAR’s vision of a clean, healthy and biologically diverse sea. 
Ten years of joint monitoring and assessment by OSPAR Contracting Parties of the 
marine environment provides the scientific basis for this holistic report, which 
has been prepared based on the expertise of the many experts from OSPAR 
Governments and stakeholders who provided input to OSPAR Working Groups and 
Committees. A peer review by a group of international scientists coordinated by 
the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea, and 
an e-consultation have both helped to critically review the gathered evidence 
and the conclusions drawn.
This electronic publication presents the QSR 2010 summary report together with 
its suite of supporting thematic assessments to take stock of achievements in 
the period 1998–2008, to identify priorities for action, and to provide a 
baseline for future assessments of the quality status of the North-East 


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