[Coral-List] Sargassum fluitans proliferation in the Lesser Antilles

Alan.e.strong alan.e.strong at noaa.gov
Wed Aug 10 08:22:17 EDT 2011

Isn't this likely to have its origin from the Orinoco River's outflow 
into the area from Venezuela??


On 8/9/2011 12:30 PM, OMMM Association wrote:
> Dear all
> Since May, 2011, a huge amount of pelagic sargassum piles up along the
> coast of Martinique and Guadeloupe in the Lesser Antilles, and might
> affect probably all the islands in the area.
> Tons of algae enter the bays and cover the beaches. This accumulation of
> floating sargassum can also extends at the surface of the water for tens
> of meters in semi closed area, causing environmental problems to very
> coastal communities.
> We have not seen any comments since this began in May. The algae still
> accumulates and cause management problems for local authorities. This is
> also the marine turtles' nesting period, what has an incidence on local
> decision to remove the algae accumulated on the beaches. Those algae
> decomposed and toxic gaz might be produced, as H2S, which is quite low
> from the measures that have been done at the moment (0-3 ppm).
> Is there any information we could share on the origin of this
> proliferation of pelagic sargassum in the area?
> Who else in the Lesser Antilles or elsewhere face the same problem?
> We do airplane survey and fly over the coastal area to detect piles of
> sargassum away offshore looking at possible trajectories.
> We are interested in any satellite images that could detect those saragssum.
> Thanks
> Jean-Philippe Maréchal
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