[Coral-List] Bleaching Management

Lúcia Keny Haraguchi luciaharaguchi at gmail.com
Fri Feb 4 13:35:29 EST 2011

Hi Suwan,

Lucia and Ricardo from Brazil.

We've been reading about the bleaching discussions on the coral-list

and we feel that now it is time to share a little bit of what we are doing
in our country.

*The good news is: *

we believe that we DO have true chances to stop

the ever-increasing massive coral bleaching process and microbial activity

caused by the climate change / global warming and acidification.

We have being energetically healing Brazilian coral reefs for 2 years.

*However it's important to explain that:*

we DON'T have yet a scientific proof of the results,

due to the lack of knowledge and methodology.

We have only visual signs of the evolution in both sides:

growth of the fish population and improvement of the coral's health

(algaes on the top of the coral are disappearing and we presume this is an
important sign of disease decrease

and zooxanthellas are becoming strongly colorful).

*How does it work:*

Being aware of the human action consequences for the planet's health,

knowing the oceans’ and coral reefs’ relevance for the Earth's survival,

seeing the decrease of the marine life and the sad mass coral bleaching

during dives for the last 12 years,

my father and I decided to assume our responsibility

and started playing our role.

My father combines his vast knowledge

of geobiology, radiestesy, radionic with a special healing hability

to create a healthier environment to live in.

Since 2006 he has been energetically healing residential and business areas..

Since jan 2009 we realized that it could also be helpful for coral reefs.

The main point is the creation of an energy field

that provides healthier environmental conditions for coral’s immunological
system to get stronger.

This action needs to be done once and it lasts forever.

*What we have done already:*

We’ve chosen areas that represent 91% of the Brazilian coral reefs’

which are marine protected areas (where human threats are reduced),

to combat the effects of global warming on reefs with the energetic healing..

They are:

- Abrolhos - biggest South Atlantic's coral concentration - healed since

- Recife - biggest federal marine conservation unit - healed since Mar. 2010

- Fernando de Noronha - Marine National Park and Environmental Protection

nominated by UNESCO as World Heritage Site - healed since Oct. 2010

The visual control is being done.

Please, watch to this little video for you to connect to how we feel about
all this:

We admire and are grateful for all efforts related to saving the coral reefs
Regards, Lucia and Ricardo

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