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Wed Jan 12 20:46:40 EST 2011

Dear Members of the coral-list
I am posting this on behalf of Dr.. Allen Chen (Coral Reef Ecology and 
Evolutionary Genetics (CREEG) Lab) Biodiversity Research Center Academia Sinica 

Dear member of coral-list
Please pass on this message if necessary

We are looking for candidates for Post Doctoral Research at CREEG lab. 
 Successful candidates will be working on Mesophotic reefs at several sites in 
the East Pacific including Taiwan  with respect to climate change and coral 
genomics and evolution.

Dr. Chen's lab is involved in research concerning with various aspects of coral 
holobiont physiology, community dynamics and coral evolutionary ecology in the 
reefs and coral communities of east Pacific.  In the coming years the focus will 
be on aspects of climate change and ocean acidification on corals present along 
the Kuroshio region, including the mesophotic reefs.  Candidates with background 
in coral physiology / coral genomics / climate change - ocean acidification 
related aspects / coral evolutionary ecology research would be ideal.  Selected 
candidates will have opportunity to develop their ideas with respect to 
mesophotic reef research and will have opportunity to work with various 
collaborators in Taiwan, Japan and the Philippines in  future.

Interested candidates are required to apply for the Academia SInica Post 
doctoral fellowship with all the required details and a research proposal after 
discussion with Dr. Allen Chen.  The application process is completely ONLINE 
and will be OPEN from January 15, 2011 and last date to submit the same will be 
March 1st 2011. Please contact Dr. Allen Chen - cac at gate..sinica.edu.tw or 
shashank at gate.sinica.edu.tw for more details. Post Doctoral fellowships at 
Academia Sinica are highly competitive and details of which are given below;


1.This Postdoctoral Fellows Program is funded by Academia Sinica and 
administered by Central Academic Advisory Committee.It provides favorable 
research opportunities for both domestic and international postdoctoral fellows 
to engage in frontier research at individual institutes and centers of Academia 
Sinica, covering research fields of mathematic and physical sciences, life 
sciences and humanities and social sciences
2.This Guideline dose NOT apply to postdoctoral fellows supported by the 
intramural budget of individual institutes and centers or research grants funded 
by Academia Sinica or other agencies.
3.Under this Program there are two types of fellows: Academia Sinica 
Postdoctoral Fellows and (Regular) Postdoctoral Fellows.The numbers of the 
Academia Sinica Postdoctoral Fellows account for one tenth of the total quota in 
this program.Their appointments are more prestigious and distinguished since 
they need to go through stricter review process and thus receiving higher 
salaries, subsidies of flight fare and modest research expenditure (see article 
8 of the Guideline).
4. Qualifications: A. Academia Sinica Postdoctoral Fellows
Applicants must have obtained a PhD degree within last 4 years from local or 
foreign universities with an outstanding record of publications and evidences of 
excellence in independent research.
B. (Regular)PostdoctoralFellows Applicants must have obtained a PhD degree 
within last 6 years from local or foreign universities with an outstanding 
record of publications.
If an applicant has not yet received a doctoral degree, he/she needs to provide 
a letter from his/her thesis supervisor confirming that the receipt of diploma 
for PhD degree is expected before the appointment starts.
5.Application Process: A. Find a Sponsoring Principal Investigator (PI) first
Applicant must first find a potential Principal Investigator at Academia Sinica 
to sponsor his/her application.Please contact the PI directly before the start 
of the application.
B. OnlineapplicationApplication must be made on line. 
(http://db3n2u.sinica.edu.tw/~textdb/program).Applications for different fields 
of study or different fellowship are required to provide different 
materials.Applicants should follow the online instructions to submit requested 
materials such as a full curriculum vitae, a copy of diploma, reprints of 
publications, 3 letters of recommendation, a research plan (may be needed or 
not), etc.From principal investigators, a letter of acceptance, a research plan 
and a list of publications are required.
C. Timeforapplication This program is available for application twice a year: 
the first round is between 1st August and 1st September and the second between 
15th January and 1st March.All applications must be completed before the 
6.Review Process: A Postdoctoral Fellowship Review Committee will be organized, 
which will invite experts from within and outside Academia Sinica to review all 
applications.Review for the Academia Sinica Postdoctoral Fellows will be 
primarily based on research performances and proposed research plans of the 
applicants.Review for the Regular Postdoctoral Fellows will be based on the 
applicants’ performances and the research plans proposed by their sponsoring 
principal investigators.
7. Appointment: The initial appointment for both fellowships is a 2-year term 
with an annual contract.Annual progress report and performance evaluation are 
required for contract renewal of the second year.If seeking a reappointment of 
the second term, the applicant must re-apply (through the same process of the 
application) when the first term ends.A total 4 years is offered at most
8.Salaries and Subsidies: A. Salaries
For Academia Sinica Postdoctoral Fellows, the annual salary is approximately NTD 
1,011,000 ~ 1,133,000 and the salary scale consists of 4 grades.For Regular 
Postdoctoral Fellows, the annual salary is approximately NTD 780,000~ 950,000 
and the salary scale consists of 6 grades.Salary will be determined by the 
research experience and qualification of the applicants.
B. Subsidies Academia Sinica Postdoctoral Fellows will receive subsidies of
economy class flight fares from home country and an additional US$ 4,500 as 
research expenditure for overseas conferences, laboratory equipment etc
9.The allocation of expenses relating to salaries, airfares and research funds 
for other types of postdoctoral researchers paid by AS budget should follow 
article 8 of this Guideline.
10. The appointment of postdoctoral fellows under this Guideline must follow 
related procedures of recruitment at AS.The appointed postdoctoral fellows need 
to complete necessary paper work within two weeks after reporting in. A notice 
must be submitted to AS a week prior to resigning.
11. This Guideline takes effect from the date of approval by Academia Sinica. 
Amendments follow the same procedure.

Whether our efforts are, or not, favored by life, let us be able to say, when we 
come near the great goal,I have done what I could - Louis Pasteur

Role of Infinitely Small in Nature is Infinitely Large - Louis Pasteur
Keshavmurthy Shashank
Post Doctoral Research Fellow, Dr. Chen's lab
Biodiversity Research Center, Academia Sinica (RCBAS)
128 Academia Road Sec. 2, Nankang 
Taipei 115 Taiwan, ROC.
My WebPage: http://web.me.com/coralresearch/shashank/Welcome.html
      Lab WebPage: http://coral.biodiv.tw/Default.aspx
Alt. E-mail: shashank at gate.sinica.edu.tw, coralresearch at mac.com


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