[Coral-List] Marine Science Programs w/ Free Graduate Credit for Teachers

Tara Short shorttara at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 19 16:19:51 EST 2011

Attention Teachers and Informal Educators!

Green Edventures is happy to announce that we are now providing teacher-group
leaders with grants for 100% of the tuition for 1-graduate credit and students
with up to 50% of 1-under graduate credit tuition from the University
 of WI- Stevens Point after
participation on a Green Edventures program Baja Mexico Sea Quest. Teachers can
view the details on the flyer linked below. This is in addition to our already
amazing and high quality educational, environmentally responsible and carbon-neutral programming.

Green Edventures' programs are life-changing, but pairing that experience with
academic credit will make it an experience that benefits you for a life-time!

Informational Flyer:

Baja Mexico Sea Quest

Teacher's Page:http://www.greenedventures.com/for-teachers

About Green Edventures:

Green Edventures was founded in 2008 to help teachers bridge classroom concepts
with real-world experience by providing eye-opening, life-changing
opportunities for their students in remote locations. Through the support of
teachers from schools and interest from other educational groups around the
country Green Edventures has grown to extend exciting educational
eco-adventures to colleges and adult as well. Today Green Edventures offers
educational eco-adventures in Alaska
and Mexico and
designs specialty research and adventure programs for college and adult groups.

URL: www.greenedventures.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/gogreenedventures

Twitter: @greenedventures 

Call or email!

Tara Short

Founder & Director

tara at greenedventures.com

1-888-622-4911 or 715-252-1238


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