[Coral-List] ENN press release

Dean Jacobson atolldino at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 8 21:51:12 EDT 2013

  I feel uneasy about the Majuro story taking a "point" position, it being trivial compared to what is happening here and elsewhere due to eutrophication, invasive species (invasive, massive growths of Hypnea is swallowing km of our Majuro ocean reef whole!) overfishing, thermal stress (I am bracing myself for the next bleaching event) etc.  Yet, when you see what the US State Dept is saying about the XL Keystone, that its projected carbon emissions impact is minimal (!), it is clear that a massive disconnect exists in the most powerful govt in the world, one that is supposedly molded and guided by the public, the people.  FAA conducting proxy coral mining is a small but powerfully egregious example, one with dramatic pictures, a history of deception and contradiction.  I try to position the debate to yield as much learning, (i.e. "a teachable moment") as possible.  A new petition, BTW, has appeared on SignOn, (very easy to find) which has a history
 of greater signature yield.  The old one reached nearly 1000 names, then was shut down again last week (it takes months to reopen it)!

Mining at the reservoir reef, BTW, goes on almost daily, moving ever eastward towards some stunning lovely locales of colorful coral, unique to the RMI.  I shut the operation down for short periods by pointing out massive gaps in the worthless silt curtain, one of the few mitigations offered by the EMP (I dont have much hope for coral planting after the mining stops).

Dean Jacobson

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