[Coral-List] Protect Our Reefs Grants-RFP

Dave Vaughan dvaughan at mote.org
Mon Dec 23 10:24:59 EST 2013

To Coral-Listers:
It is my pleasure to inform you:
The Florida Protect Our Reefs License Plate Grants program has announced 
a "Request For Proposals" (RFP) again for this years grants based on 
last years (2013) plate sales.

Eligible organizations shall be based in Florida and engaged in reef 
research, education and/or conservation. It is forecast that 
approximately ten small grants of up to $10,000 and a few higher (medium 
sized) funded grants of approximately $25,000 will be available for this 
years funding from the 2013 year plate sales.

Proposals are due by March 1, 2014.

For more information go to www.MOTE.ORG/4reef and click on "About the 
Protect Our Reef Grants Program" or go directly to :

Download 2013 Grants Announcement for 1 page Description
Download 2013 Request For Proposals for detailed instructions on 
submitting proposals.

Dave Vaughan,
  Protect Our Reef Grants Program

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