[Coral-List] Re. NGOs, Corals and Dive Industry

Peter Raines rainespeter at gmail.com
Mon Nov 25 12:55:41 EST 2013

Dear Listers,

My 28 years experience with engaging the dive industry (including
manufacturers) in support of coral reef conservation has generally been
very positive and proactive - IF the approach (the 'pitch') is done
correctly. Too often have I seen individuals, groups, NGOs (small and
large) come at this from completely the wrong direction (i.e.
finger-pointing, brow-beating, guilt-trip etc.) and it has got them
absolutely nowhere.

For one of no doubt many good examples where the correct approach works and
pays dividends, take a look at the Coral Restoration Foundation (

Below are a few references that I find helpful:

Cater, C (2009) The Life Aquatic: Scuba Diving and the Experiential
Imperative. Journal of Tourism in Marine Environments, 5:4 Cognizant.
Cater, C. (2008) Chapter 4: Perceptions of and interactions with marine
environments; diving attractions from Great Whites to Pygmy Seahorses. In
Garrod B and Gössling S (eds.) Diving Tourism: Experiences, Sustainability,
Management. Elsevier, London.
Cater, C. and Cater, E. (2007) Marine Ecotourism. CABI, Oxford.

My very best to all,


Peter Raines MBE
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