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Hi John,

  You've probably already see our NOAA's Coral Reef Watch "virtual 
stations" (past 15 years of satellite time-series data)
at our website but in case you didn't and they might be useful here is 
you "quick-launch" access:


You can zero in on Florida using the pull-down in the lower right corner 
of the page.


On 3/19/2014 10:31 AM, John McDermond wrote:
> Dear Coral-listers,
> ?
> I am currently trying to find in-situ temperature data to compare to my own..  The closer to Key Largo the data is the better it would be.  Since temperature data is usually a side note in many papers I am having trouble finding it.  If anyone has come across any papers that mention in-situ temp. data from the keys, or has any themselves it would be a huge help.  I am trying to add it to my thesis discussion.  Thank you.
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