[Coral-List] The Saga of Dean Jacobson and Majuro Coral Mining (Jim Hendee) (Greta Aeby)

Dennis Hubbard dennis.hubbard at oberlin.edu
Fri Mar 21 09:53:27 EDT 2014

Hi all:

I have been trying to keep track of all the sites that people have
mentioned regarding the Majuro situation. I'm more of a grass-roots type
and may be out of my league here. However, it strikes me that if I were the
head of an organization taking a lot of heat, I'd much rather receive a
petition with 2,000 signatures that I can pass off as "sheep" that don't
have enough interest to forward their individual perspectives than half
that number of individually written complaints. I am not demeaning Deans
herculean efforts in any way by this comment. He clearly has the courage an
dedication to which the rst of us can only aspire and I thank him for that.
However, if we are going to honor his incredible efforts, I suggest that we
identify the key figures and flood their mailboxes with individual letters
and emails that lay out what we EACH see as the shear lunacy of this
situation..... based on our own individual expertise or perspective (you
don't need to be an "expert" to appreciate the shear greed and stupidity of
the present situation).

I suspect that geologists, policy folks, humanists, ecologists, etc. can
all identify elements of the situation that might be unique to their own
expertise and experience. If I were a policy maker, I'd be much more moved
by 8,000 short but individual notes that are clearly not variations of a
"script" than I would be by a petition signed by three times that number. I
am not arguing that we set petitions aside.... quite the contrary. However,
if we each take the time to craft something that is worthy of Deans
sacrifices, I would like to think that our voices would more likely be


On Thu, Mar 20, 2014 at 11:00 PM, Abigail Moore <abigail2105 at yahoo.com>wrote:

> Dear Coral-listers
> In this situation I think someone could start an AVAAZ or similar
> petition, may it would be allowable to put the url in a mail on the list?,
> I for one would sign it. By the way I did sign the Majuro petitions I could
> access.
> I cannot do this myself - I don't know enough background to write the
> petition or have the time on-line to do it.
> All the best
> Abigail
> I think that this would be a very worthwhile situation for all of us on
> coral list  to come together to intervene.  If we don't speak up for the
> coral reefs and for people such as Dean, who are willing to take a stand,
> who will?    Jim-can we?
> greta
> Dr. Greta Aeby
> Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology
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