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David M. Lawrence dave at fuzzo.com
Thu Jun 18 14:48:37 EDT 2015

Actually quote is from Robert M. Schoch's book, "Forgotten 
Civilizations," published by Inner Traditions in 2012.

Here's the dust jacket copy for the book:

Scientific confirmation of advanced civilization at the end of the last 
ice age, the solar catastrophe that destroyed it, and what the evidence
means for our future

• Demonstrates, based on the 12,000-year-old megalithic complex of 
Göbekli Tepe, that advanced civilization extends thousands of years 
further back than generally acknowledged

• Examines the catastrophic solar outbursts that ended the last ice age, 
wiping out antediluvian civilization and incinerating much of the 
evidence of that period

• Reveals data that show solar outbursts powerful enough to devastate 
modern society could return in the future

Building upon his revolutionary theory that the Sphinx dates back much 
further than 2500 BCE, geologist Robert Schoch reveals scientific 
evidence of advanced civilization predating ancient Egypt, Sumeria, and 
Greece, as well as the catastrophe that destroyed it nearly 12,000 years 
ago and what its legacy can teach us about our own future.

Combining evidence from multiple scientific disciplines, Schoch shows 
how the last ice age ended abruptly in 9700 BCE due to coronal mass 
ejections from the Sun. These solar outbursts unleashed 
electrical/plasma discharges upon Earth and triggered volcanic activity, 
earthquakes, fires, and massive floods as glaciers melted and lightning 
strikes released torrential rains from the oceans. He explains how these 
events eradicated the civilization of the time and set humanity back 
thousands of years, only to reemerge around 3500 BCE with scattered 
memories and nascent abilities. He explores within this framework, how 
many megalithic monuments, underground cities, and ancient legends fall 
logically into place, as well as the reinterpreted Easter Island 
rongorongo texts and the intentional burial, 10,000 years ago, of the 
Göbekli Tepe complex in Turkey. Schoch reveals scientific evidence that 
shows how history could repeat itself with a coronal mass ejection 
powerful enough to devastate modern society.

Weaving together a new view of the origins of civilization, the truths 
behind ancient wisdom, and the dynamics of the planet we live on, Schoch 
maintains we must heed the megalithic warning of the past and 
collectively prepare for future events.


As for me, I suspect Edgar Cayce is a more reliable source than Schoch, 
which isn't encouraging.



On 6/16/2015 4:02 PM, Vassil Zlatarski wrote:
> Dear Coral-List,
> To deny climate change is to deny the existence of geology, evolution and
> biology.  The rest is a question of the state of knowledge and
> interpretation (including political).
> And knowledge evolves.  Recently, "cosmoclimatology challenges the status
> quo, politically correct, consensus view that global warming is due
> primarily or solely to modern human activities" (Schock, R. M., 2012).
> Cheers,
> Vassil
> Vassil Zlatarski
> D.Sc. (Biology), Ph.D. (Geology)
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