[CDHC] Coral Disease and Health: National Research Plan

Cheryl Woodley Cheryl.Woodley at noaa.gov
Fri Dec 19 19:54:13 EST 2003

Dear CDHC Members:

The Coral Disease and Health Consortium (CDHC), with support from NOAAs 
Coral Reef Conservation Program, has published the "Coral Disease and 
Health: National Research Plan".
This report presents a series of recommendations to address major gaps 
in the research arena of coral diseases and health that were initially 
developed during the CDHCs first organizational workshop.  The overall 
vision of the National Research Plan is to understand and address the 
effects of natural and anthropogenic stressors on corals in order to 
contribute to the preservation and protection of coral reef ecosystems.  
Six specific goals are identified that would contribute to this vision, 
including: 1) establishment of targeted committees of experts to review, 
assess, develop, organize and implement the needs and approaches 
highlighted in the report; 2) development of common terminology, 
interpretations, monitoring protocols, collection techniques, reporting 
standards and laboratory protocols to standardize coral health and 
disease research; 3) implementation of targeted research on the 
occurrence, causes and effects of declines in coral health; 4) research 
on the effects of anthropogenic, environmental and climatic stressors on 
coral health; 5) dissemination of technical information and practical 
diagnostic tools to managers and scientists to improve their ability to 
evaluate, track, predict and manage coral diseases; and 6) improved 
multidisciplinary collaborations and cross disciplinary training for 
scientists and managers. 

The National Research Plan  also summarizes the strategic research needs 
identified during the workshop under four key themes: 1) establishment 
of standard terminology, methodology and protocols; 2) expansion of 
knowledge in basic coral physiology, biology and disease etiology; 3) 
development of model coral species for laboratory research; and 4) 
development of a centralized data/knowledge system, website, repository 
and core diagnostic facilities.  The CDHC has begun to address the 
strategic objectives and recommendations presented in the National 
Research Plan through the development of nine targeted committees. 

Copies of the report are being sent  to each CDHC member.

For additional information or additional copies, please contact Andy 
Bruckner at andy.bruckner at noaa.gov or Cheryl Woodley, at 
cheryl.woodley at noaa.gov.

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