[CDHC] photos needed ASAP

Andy Bruckner Andy.Bruckner at noaa.gov
Thu Jul 10 11:17:50 EDT 2003

Dear CDHC members,

Cheryl, Sylvia Galloway and I are completing the final version fo the CDHC
National research Plan.  We were hoping to include relevant photographs on
coral disease/bleaching work.  We are looking for specific photos that show
people in action in the field (monitoring, sampling corals, water and sediment
measures etc) as well as laboratory efforts and equipment, images of tissue
sections, TEMS/SEMS of pathogens, coral cultures etc.  that you would be
willing to contribute to the document. You would receive credit for each photo
you contribute.

These all need to be in electronic format (preferably a Tiff file or JPEG),
high resolution (350 dpi, CYMK or RGB, 3-4mb file).   My email allows me to
receive up to 5 mb per message, so you can send any contributions by email to
me with a single image in each photo.  I cannot use low resolution (72 dpi )
photos like those put onto websites

Thanks for your help!


Please note: I do not want photos showing coral diseases in the field - we
have plenty of these.

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