[CDHC] requesting information from marine biologist, india

vedharajan Balaji marine_balaji at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 9 11:41:58 EST 2004

9/6 Pallivasal Street
Pattukkottai (post)
Thanjavur (Dist)
Tamil Nadu
PIN: 614 601.

Dear Sir,
  Let me to introuduce myself as V.Balaji, finished my M.Phil., in Marine Biology at CAS in Marine Biology, Annamalai University at the year of 2002-2003.  I did my Post Graduation in the same institute.  I also have finished my PADI Opern Water Diving course.  Apart from my academic background, I have volunteerly involved myself in the conservation marine ecosystems and endangered species in our area from the date of my UG.  Two of those are funded by WWF-India (Turtlce conservation Awareness Prg.) and TNEC ( 1100km of "Bike Awarness Expedition" along the coastal villages).
 I came to know about you through the website http://coral.aoml.noaa.gov/mailman/listinfo/cdhc.  So, It would be helpful to me, if you let me to know the research opportunites in relation to coral reef environment (survey, monitoring or any other).  Looking forward for your kind reply.  Thanking you.
yours faithfully

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