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Mon May 9 17:42:00 EDT 2005

For those of you that may be interested:

The closing date for the positions described below is May 16, or May 17,

The Gulf Ecology Division (GED) of the National Health and Environmental
Effects Research Laboratory (NHEERL), Office of Research and Development
(ORD) located in Gulf Breeze, Florida, is currently advertising for the
positions of Ecologist (GS-0408 12/13) and Biologist (GS-0401 9/11).
Research is directed toward integrating measures across levels of
biological organization to characterize effects and predict population
level responses to environmental stressors with the goal of providing
necessary tools for larger scale assessments of community and ecosystem
condition and applying knowledge to inform Agency decisions. These
vacancy announcements have been posted on EZHire at
http://www.epa.gov/ezhire/ and on the Office of Personnel Management
website, USA JOBS at http://www/usajobs.opm.gov under the following

Biologist, GS-0401-9/11  RTP-DE-2005-0101 and RTP-MP-2005-0179 (Opens
April 19, 2005 - Closes May 16, 2005)

Responsibilities Include:
•     Analyzes samples for protein profiles using mass spectrometry, and
process and analyze data for differential protein profiling.
•     Performs routine maintenance and calibration of instruments used
in proteomics analyses and other laboratory analyses as needed
      (e.g., water quality and light measurements in support of coral).
•     Cultures, maintains and tests aquatic organisms (e.g., fish,
crustaceans, coral, algae) in additional research areas as needed.
•     Performs field collection of aquatic organisms or samples as
•     Assists with the production of reports and publications on the
results of protein profiling experiments, and prepares other reports,
advisory documents, and correspondence relevant to scientific and
operational responsibilities.

Ecologist, GS-0408-12/13   RTP-DE-2005-0102 and RTP-MP-2005-0182 (Opens
April 20, 2005 - Closes May 17, 2005)

Responsibilities Include:
•     Conducts estuarine and coastal research to improve understanding
of ecosystem condition associated with anthropogenic stressors,
      including nutrients, habitat alterations, contaminants, and
watershed attributes.
•     Provides scientific leadership to the coastal assessment and
nutrient research efforts of the Gulf Ecology Division.
•     Disseminates research findings through research reports,
publications, and presentations.
•     Participates in setting research directions and implementing field
and laboratory research to support EPA’s strategic goals for water
      quality and healthy ecosystems.
•     Employs a variety of data analysis techniques, including
statistical and GIS-based models, to meet research goals.

Ecologist, GS-0408-12/13  RTP-DE-2005-0099 and RTP-MP-2005-0175 (Opens
April 20, 2005 - Closes May 17, 2005)

Responsibilities Include:
•     Models the effects of environmental stressors on populations of
estuarine organisms using demographic, bioenergetic, matrix,
      individual-based, metapopulation, and other approaches.
•     Provides scientific leadership to coastal assessment and
ecological risk assessment research efforts of the Gulf Ecology Division
•     Designs and perform laboratory experiments and field collections
necessary to support EPA’s strategic goal to protect populations and
•     Disseminates research findings through research reports,
publications, and presentations.
•     Performs statistical analyses of model input data and model
results in order to quantify uncertainties, sensitivities, and
stochastic properties of models and data.

Under DE, the vacancy announcements are open to all U.S. citizens.

Under MP, the vacancy announcements are open to all current or former
Federal employees with permanent competitive status; or individuals with
disabilities and other individuals eligible for special appointing
authorities; or veterans who are preference eligibles, or who have
separated from the armed forces under honorable conditions after 3 years
or more of continuous active service. Commissioned Corps Officers are
encouraged to apply.

Cheryl Woodley, Ph.D.
Coral Health and Disease Program

Center for Coastal Environmental Health and Biomolecular Research
Hollings Marine Laboratory
331 Fort Johnson Rd
Charleston, SC 29412
843.762.8862 Phone
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cheryl.woodley at noaa.gov

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