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Cheryl Woodley cheryl.woodley at noaa.gov
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Hi CDHC members,
Just wanted to let you know about another new paper. Ernesto Weil sent 
to me theirs.  If you'd like the article, please contact one of the authors.

Bacterial communities associated with the mucopolysaccharide layers of 
three coral species affected and unaffected with dark spots disease
*Diego L. Gil-Agudelo, Diana P. Fonseca, Ernesto Weil, Jaime 
Garzon-Ferreira, and Garriet W. Smith
Can. J. Microbiol. 53:  465-471, 2007

Dark spots disease (DSD) is a relatively new coral disease that has 
become one of the most prevalent afflictions in the Caribbean Sea.  To 
partially characterize bacterial communities associated with DSD, carbon 
utilization patterns of bacterial strains isolated from the surface 
mucopolysaccharide layers of healthy and DSD-affected Montastraea 
annularis, Montastraea faveolata, and Siderastrea siderea were compared 
with each other and with bacterial strains isolated from the water 
column by using cluster analysis.  Differences between healthy and 
diseased corals were found and were greatest for M. annularis than for 
the other species.  A metabolic group of bacteria similar to Vibrio 
carchariae was found to be unique to diseased samples.  Inoculation 
experiments on healthy corals did not result in the development of 
disease signs.  However, our results support the hypothesis that stress 
(in this case disease) alters the normal microbiota in the coral surface 
mucopolysaccharide layers.  Studies are continuing to determine the 
pathogenic agent(s) responsible for DSD.

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