[CDHC] Assistance from Indonesia requested

Cheryl Woodley cheryl.woodley at noaa.gov
Mon Oct 27 17:19:22 EDT 2008

Hi CDHC List Members,
I received a request from Dr. Arie Muhardy asking for assistance in 
helping him identify some of the organisms and lesions on coral in their 
study site. I am copying his message and a link to a site with his 
photos, just paste the link into your internet browser to view his photos.

 Hi...CDHC Listers..

We're post any coral syndrome from our sites on northips sumatera 
Island, Aceh Indonesia.
We found any parasites on transect line, like fireworm, nematodes from 
tube sample water, we analyze laboratory with Parasitology Standard 
Operational Procedure.
So we'll thank for you, if you could send journal, article, book for our 
capacity building, because we're focus on this issue..thanks.

Best Regards,

Arie Muhardy, BSc.Vet.
Marine Veterinary Advisor
Porifera Foundation
email; vetmarine at gmail.com

Coral Syndrome coral syndrome

Cheryl Woodley, Ph.D.
Coral Health and Disease Program

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