Anthropogenic impact Symposium

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Thu Aug 24 14:21:17 EDT 1995

Dear Colleagues: 

David Klumpp, Brian Lapointe and I are organizing a symposium on=20 
"Anthropogenic disturbance in coral reef environments : respective interest= 
of in situ and experimental approaches" as part of the 8th International=20 
Coral Reef Symposium in Panama, June 24 to 29, 1996. This symposium is=20 
planned as a 1 day session hosting no more than 15 talks. Here are the=20 
symposium objectives as defined in the proposal to the organizing committee. 

        To address issues on anthropogenic impacts on coral reef=20 
environments. This symposium will gather the growing number of scientists=20 
working on the topic to present their results and projects. A special=20 
emphasis will be given to the impacts of eutrophication, sedimentation=20 
enhancement and overfishing and to work linking community composition with= 
ecosystem functionning. 
	Topics of major interest will be  : 
	- How anthropogenic activities modify community equilibrium. 
	- How human related changes in community composition affect the whole reef= 
	- Bioindicators, how usefull are they ? 
	- Records of  human related environmental changes during the past 100= 
	- Experimental approaches of anthropogenic modifications. 
	- Synergy between catastrophic events and chronic anthropogenic= 

        Practically and according to the meeting imposed schedule we are=20 
calling for abstracts (both printed and on a disk with name and software=20 
used) to be delivered to Dr. R. Fichez in Tahiti before the 1st of October= 
1995. Abstract standards are provided in the Panama Symposium 2nd circular.= 
Please be aware that abstract have to be written in both English and Spanish= 
! Please also mention whether you wish to give a talk or display a poster. 

        I sincerely hope that a symposium on such a major concerne will=20 
gather a significant number of scientists. 

        * Renaud FICHEZ, Centre ORSTOM-Tahiti, BP 529, Papeete, French=20 
			Fax : (689) 42 95 55 

        * David KLUMPP, AIMS, PMB N=B03, Townsville, Queensland 4810,= 
			Fax : 61 77 72 58 52 
			E-mail : D_KLUMPP at AIMS.GOV.AU 

        * Brian E. LAPOINTE, Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution, Box= 
	Big Pine Key, Florida 33043, USA 
			E-mail : LAPOINTE at GATE.NET 

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