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	The Consortium of Aquariums, Universities and Zoos  
               [C.A.U.Z. for Worldwide Conservation] 

     This international network was formed ten years ago in response to the  
perceived need to facilitate communication between university scientists  
and educators and their counterparts in zoos and aquariums.  While many  
people at these institutions have shared interests and may even be studying 
the same species, the sharing of data and collaboration on projects between  
university scientists and zoo/aquarium professionals has been relatively  
rare, especially when their institutions are in different countries. 

Those who become part of the C.A.U.Z. Network share information on their  
interests in specific taxonomic groups (e.g., Order Sphenisciformes), their  
general interests (e.g., penguin ecology), and their current projects (e.g., 
field studies of the Humboldt penguin).  Information from the C.A.U.Z. 
is published in annual directories and also appears on its site on the  
World-Wide Web: 

This database is a searchable online.  A keyword search for "penguin" can 
Ed Diebold, the Director of Animal Collections at the Riverbanks Zoological 
Park in Columbia, South Carolina, who studies Humboldt penguins in Chile.   
Ed is also involved in trumpeter swan recovery and piping plover egg rescue 
and is part of organized zoo efforts in the captive propagation of  
raptors.  Keyword searches also reveal addresses, phone and fax numbers and  
email addresses (if available).  [Email addresses in the C.A.U.Z.  
database are "hot" so that one can contact a person by email with a "mouse  
click" without leaving our Web Site.] 

Collaborations made possible by the C.A.U.Z. Network can contribute  
greatly to international conservation initiatives.  Those involved in  
wildlife research and conservation, restoration ecology, captive  
propagation of endangered species, wildlife rehabilitation and  
reintroduction, and veterinary medicine (esp. with exotic species) who  
wish to become part of the C.A.U.Z. Network can contact its Coordinator: 

Donna FitzRoy Hardy, Ph.D.  
Professor of Psychology 
California State Univ., Northridge 
Northridge, California 91330 USA 
Phone:(818) 885-4970 (or 885-2827 for messages) 
Fax: (818) 885-2829 
Email: dhardy at       
C.A.U.Z. Web Site: 

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